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Wednesday, October 08, 2008
Goodbye, / 2:21 PM

So this will be my last post here .
Cuz I'm leaving itsagameover.bs after having it for hmm 2 years.
And it seemed like I never went on an official hiatus here cuz I always say I'm on hiatus but I just keep coming back huh.
But I'm leaving for real and I doubt many people visit this old rotten blog of mine ha ha.
Anyway goodbye and I'll miss you itsagameover.bs cuz I think the URL is cool ma heh .
Plz don't tell me your an idiot and can't understand english for nuts.
Bye,please relink me @ thebrokenradio.bs

Tuesday, October 07, 2008
Happiness overdosed. / 10:51 AM

Science and Math paper is officially over (!)(!)
I'm so over over the moon the star the universe blah blah blah ~
Still left with History , crap , I hope I can P.E.E properly coz I can never explain what I inferred (..)
Screw chapter 6 screw it

Ah I'm bored and its only two more pathetic days to ACC paper ha ha ha
After ACC paper will be a blastzxzxz :D

Oh and if you're feeling bored watch Miss No good starring Rainie Yang
Its a taiwanese drama but its ultra funny !
Coz Rainie Yang act like a real idiot inside ha ha ha .

Ok I shall start on History and try my best to improve on my inferring skills ha ha .
Charm more good luck on me plz t get over w History 8D

Friday, October 03, 2008
Motivations (deprived) / 11:49 PM

Ah damnnit The computer is one big fcking distraction (!)(!)
I keep surfing the net on and on. Now my math assessment book is rotting right infront of me and I do not feel a tinge of guilt yet haha, this is hou lian wu chi manzx.( I dont even know if I used it correctly he he ) Ah, Math is boring..............I'm so sick of it .

Can't wait for exams to be over, I've already got tons of ideas to trash all JTians during class chalet :D Im thinking of bringing the camera everyday after exams to keep lots n lots of memories . I've been wondering what should we do in class after debreifs other than bitching . Oh yes ! I need to lose weight after exams coz I keep snacking while studying so I grow fat or I am fat haha. But once I think of last day of school in 2Jt sigh (....) coz its always too late. But better than never I hope so (?) wouldn't wish to be disappointed again n again.


3 left ONLY. / 11:01 AM

Waha, most of the papers are done by now.
Left w Math Science History .
Hope Math would be average plz, don't give me some kuku question haha.
Geog was kinda easy today .
Lit was screwed stupid Anthem was tested hmph!
I just crapped and I'm not really sure if my analysis was supported haha -,-
Anyways, class photos are finally here (!)(!)
After waiting for sucha longlong time I think they look great :D
There's seriously nothing much t talk about la,
exams make people No Life No life :(

Tag replies

Aaron ; Thanks yea, best of luck for you too but you're already gng VJC but wait for me I'll go and find you ! Hahah.

Ester ; Chilled~ Haha see you on Monday in school yea and keep your phone on standby coz I'll have tons of question marks for math !

Xinhui ; I'll link you soon anyway see you tonight! Plz woman, you'll get into sec2 no worries.

Rachel ; That's so random, and don't tell me your deepest impression of me was me swearing -,- But I guess so la hor ha ha, miss you truckloads too <3>

Some jokes to share for you to chill

Yo momma so ugly when she joined an ugly contest, they said, "Sorry, No Professionals."

Yo momma so stupid she asked me what kind of jeans I had on and I said, "Guess" so she said, "Levi's."

Yo momma so stupid that she puts lipstick on her head just to make-up her mind.

Yo momma so fat even Bill Gates couldn't pay for her liposuction!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008
Wtf / 6:20 PM

I am utterly drained from English Literature.
Be it poetry or playwrights, all this analyzing just sucks Okay.
My mental state now is very unstable,
I have been laughing crazily out of a sudden.
Huixuan explained to me Anthem for Doomed Youth 5 , 6 times and I still can't get a fucking thing out of it .
Stupid mockeries what crap not .
I am done with Poetry and I am washing my hands out of it, just gonna deal with all the notes I have printed out full stop.

I am attempting to digest The effect of gamma rays,
I hope this goes successfully.
I am feeling lethargic and I just so feel like puking already.

Consequences of too much stress, my mind goes into sudden blankness and my body just feels dead. As if the head and has been seperated from my body goshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Chinese was just as screwed, Dont know what the bloody compre wants for an answer z -,- ~!
This post is much of crap and just for my vents I think not many people read my blog anyway judging from the dead tagboard.

Thursday, September 25, 2008
The battle has begun ~ / 8:33 PM

Aloha !
This blog's dead dead dead ha,but anyway,
The EOYs have started :D
Which is good and bad .
English compo sucks big time including situational writing.
I just hope the teacher understands all the crap I've given plz.
I hope I get B4 for an overall plzplzplz.
I should brush up my elaborating and explanation skills ... (!)(!)

Oh oh and did I mention about my good good luck :D
I was walking w Huixuan and Regine home then I picked up $2 !
On the floor wahahahhaa kachingz kachingz
We went to buy Ferrero Rocher of 3 and spilt.
Left us in regret, coz Hello panda 2 pkt only $1.95 !!!!

I'm trying very hard to study........
I'm hoping I'll pass compre or prolly get around average marks plz .
Don't make me feel so lousy but I didn't study anything for el compre ha.
Make my intelligence ignite ! *Sparks* *Fireworks*

Ok that was so crappy,shall stop procastinating and Ciao !

Saturday, September 20, 2008
Thinking caps ready? / 10:50 AM

I've been a really good girl :D
I woke up at 0830 to help Mommy do work .
0830 is early early OKAY,
I slept at 1230 am :(

I've just finished covering Acids&Alkalis for Chemistry but......
Particulate theory of matter win me alr,
Coz I hate this chapter though its quite easy to study.
Its just friggin weird ok

Sigh,my blocked nose is killin' me .
Byebye people,
shall be a gd girl :D

Friday, September 19, 2008
Confused. / 2:25 PM

I'm having mixed feelings, after seeing you just now.......
So near yet so far/
Coz chances like these are so bleak .

/happily ever after
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